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CBT High *** Tollerance

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For some reason in the last couple of months my *** tolerance gone through a rough.

Ever since I was really young I noticed my *** tolerance is much higher than usual (apart from when as really little, I got teary eyes from *** once when I was 13, my knee got destroyed and swollen and the doctors just couldn't use the needle to get a sample from it and took them like 7 times). For years, I had pretty much one truly main kink (stomach ***), but lately started adding MORE others. One of them being CBT, which I could never even imagine liking a year ago. At first, like half a year ago, I was fine with some really light slaps to my dick (honestly even the harder ones don''t hurt that much), sometimes squeezing the dick if I'm too naughty. Then started trying a little more with my last partner. We continued pretty slowly.

And then, one day, just like that, I found out I can take even several punches in my balls, getting hit with a spoon there, and like pretty hard and for a decent amount of time (even goes fot my ass, lol). I was impressed and disgusted about me being such a huge *** slut at the same time haha. Does anybody else here had anything like this happen to them?

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