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Having trouble with pictures?

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Trying to resolve an issue

So I've uploaded some pictures and I'm confused as to why a picture of my wearing a ***r and a gagball is rated 18 (even though there's no nudity) and my nudes are rated 16

anyway I want the first one to be my profile pic but when I posted my nudes it changed the thumbnail to my nudes


is there anyway to change it or to get my first one rated 16 or does the gag make it 18


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Only added the first line lol oops

@AmberrCrystal The image rules follow country laws (German and European laws). Your nudes are not totally nudes (you are wearing panties), therefore, they don't require an 18+ rating. BDSM toys and equipment, unfortunately, fall under the 18+ laws, which is why the ratings are so. It may seem a little weird but those are the laws...

You won't be the only confused victim of weird European rules. The thing is that in Europe, showing naked breasts is common in advertising, so they see nothing wrong with it. In other countries it would be considered sexist or demeaning and banned along with the picture you don't think is offensive.
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All my pics are turning upside down. I turned them upside down then reloaded them thinking it would correct them but nope. Still upside down. Instead of boobs in a bra they look like I am wearing a bra on my arse!?

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