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Two sides of me

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There’s a light side and a dark side.
The light side is full of religion, faith and hope.
The dark side is full of bondage
Recently I’ve been thinking that if something doesn’t change soon, the dark side of me will win and I’ll want nothing more than to be captured by some dom, kept tied up and hidden away in there dungeon/basement.
I don’t want that to happen. But I’ve thought about it so much that I haven’t really considered much what might happen if the light side of me wins.
But I guess if the light side of me does win, the chances are I’ll go to church at least twice a week and become a better person for it.
I don’t know for sure right now which side will win, nor even when it’ll win.
What I really ought to explain to my family is that eventually it’ll have to be one or the other.
There is no middle ground
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