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Evolution of Fetishes


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Something I've found quite interesting is how fetishes seem to change and evolve.

So, for example... I decided to try human ashtray a while ago - didn't really do much for me, but decided that of course if it ever came up while I was filming or something I could do it.

Whereas now... I recently practically begged someone to be their ashtray.

Another one I'm finding odd is trainers - but I almost think it's partially because they're so unsexy, but then also kinda imagining how sweaty the sock and foot is getting underneath.

I dunno...

What about you, have you had any fetishes evolve?

What about the other way? For example, I used to be well into impact play but can certainly take it or leave it these days...

Curious... When filming a scene is it allowed flow or are you constantly directed?
I've been into some pretty serious kinks since my early teens..being 'little' has always been there in some form. One thing I never ever thought I'd do is wear nappies though and I've now been wearing for 6 months straight.. šŸ™ˆ It's not something I usually openly admit unless talking privately to someone into the same kink. It's one of those things, that to myself even, was a bit odd and hard to explain the appeal. Certainly something I'd never thought I'd do, let alone become part of my life style! I've gone from middle/little during play only to living as a little/abdl 24/7 and it's been amazing. I think having a good person to explore stuff with makes a huge difference. I'm certainly more open to stuff then I thought I was. Rape play used to be a huge thing for me, like almost constantly. And even though I do still really like it I'm no near as obsessed with it as I was.
I have a fetish for latex, especially latex gloves (& medical play). I had one guy put me in a sex swing (which I was already nervous about it holding my weight) then he attached my wrists & ankles to it, put on a pair of latex gloves & then blindfolded me , he started stroking my face so that I could smell & taste the gloves, the anticipation was burning away ..... then suddenly he started stroking me with feathers!..........Thatā€™s all he continued to do!?! Then he stopped & released me & that was that!!! I have a friend who made a Badger mask for a wassail that he ran, when he sent me pics of him in the mask my brain ran wild! I never even knew I had a mask fetish!! He promises that one day weā€™ll have a play session whilst he wear it lol. I have another friend who loves to wear tights. He Dommed for me a few times & I never knew how sexy a man in tights could be until I met him. I also never knew I had a penchant for pegging until another Dom had me peg him.
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