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Catherine's story: part 7 (Merry Kinkmas!)

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Catherine was dazed as she felt her orgasm finally rocking her body. The sweet release of it while her pussy was still so full made it even more intense. She heard herself moaning and grunting as she was trying to make her climax last as long as possible. He nuzzled into her neck and told her that he was going to enjoy owning her. That did it for her, as she came all over again at the thought of being owned by a skilled lover. He did not even demand to use her body first for his own pleasure. Being so close together she could smell his musk and his breath. She enjoyed the smell of sweat that was coming off of him. The garage was warm and smelled of oil and tires and now him. He started to back out of her aching pussy and she wilted under his arm. Not ready to be empty in her core yet. She begged him to wait just another minute. “I want you inside, now, and naked at my feet”. Before she knew how to respond he had removed his hand from her dripping wet pussy and started walking towards the door. Turning around to see her not yet moving he barked back “Come now”. Her feet started moving before her mind could catch up and she was thankful that they did. She could tell that he enjoyed her *** almost as much as she did. 


Joel couldn't stand the look in her eyes as she was following him into the house. He could tell her mind was void of thought and her body was the only thing present. He would not and could not take her as he wanted to unless she was aware of what was happening. He stomped to the kitchen and washed his hands of the lube and sweet smell of her orgasam. Such a shame to have to wash such a beautiful smell away. As he got out a glass and started filling it with ice cubes she startled. He could see her from the corner of his eye and liked that she was coming back to the present. He filled the glass to the top with ice cold water. “Drink it, all” he told her and she took the glass to her lips. God how had he not noticed her lips before. They were a dark pink almost brown and so full they looked like they would pop. As she wrapped her lips around the edge of the glass his cock ached with need to feel her mouth on it. As soon as she was done with her water he was going to make her drop to her knees and worship his cock. He deserved it after all. 


The water was refreshing. She didn't realize how thirsty she was until the glass was empty. She wanted more but the look in his eyes told her that she would not be getting any more right now. She took an ice cube into her mouth and started sucking. She could swear she heard him gasp. He liked the look of her sucking on the ice cube and that made her feel even more bold. She took a second ice cube from the glass and lowered it to her aching pussy. She had never done this before but her pussy was so swollen it felt like she needed the cooling of an ice cube on it. She rubbed the ice cube around her lips before finally touching it to her sore clit. God the feeling was intense and amazing. As she pushed the ice cube into her pussy she could feel it melting instantly. She wanted more so she grabbed another one and put it directly inside her as well. She knew it was going to melt and leak all over his floor and she didn't care. When she finally met his eyes again they were as dark as a storm cloud. “On your knees, whore”. She complied immediately, hungry to taste his cock. He whipped his belt off and dropped his jeans revealing that he had nothing underneath them. His cock was harder now, and larger than it looked when he was sitting in his car. 


As Joel looked down at the woman who knelt before him he couldn’t help but appreciate his luck. He needed her as much as she needed him and that was an amazing feeling. As she began to lick the length of his cock he almost came. She sucked his cock down to the back of her throat immediately and he could feel her gagging. She was staring at him as she sucked licked and played with his cock. She was enjoying the feeling of his cock in her throat. The taste of his pre-cum made her eyes wide with lust. She was cleaning up the mess he had made on himself in the car and hungry for more of it. Her pace was decent but a bit slow for his liking. He wrapped his hand in her hair, the same one that had just been inside her and started pushing her faster. She was gagging every time he thrusted and he didn't care. The saliva that was now dripping off her face was disappearing into her shirt and he could see that she wasn't wearing a bra. God damn was it sexy to look down and see her nipples becoming erect through her now soaked and see through tank top. He did not want this to stop but he wanted inside of her every hole and he would have it. The orgasm built inside of him and for the first time in as long as he could remember, he did not hold back. He grunted and moaned as she continued sucking his cock like a cum vampire. He released himself into her throat and she moaned with him. He knew that the ice cubes in her pussy had long since melted away and her pussy would be slick again and ready to be used. As he finished his orgasm with several more thrusts and watched her gag and take it like a good little whore he knew this was just the beginning. He would own her and she would submit to him. She wanted to submit this much was clear. She wanted him to use her body in ways she did not even know existed yet. My god the pleasure he would give her. The pleasure he would take from her. As he took his cock away from her greedy little mouth she whimpered. Yes she would be his to use as he wanted. 


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