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Alone in the woods


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So I’ve met a lot of doms and most tend to live in a suburb or city area. This one dom I’ve known for a while loves way out in the woods and is pretty isolated. We talked for a long time and met up halfway to chat and meet before we did anything real.

Eventually we agreed on a session at his place. I took all necessary precautions just in case but I generally trusted the guy.

Normally I only do bondage at night or in the evening so I don’t draw attention when entering apartments or neighborhoods in full cosplay or crossplay.

Sense he lives so far away from a populated area, I chose the middle of the day because it fit my schedule. Regardless we went on a bondage walk through the woods and it was almost magical? Therapeutic?

I guess I hadn’t realized how nice doing things in the day can feel. Especially outdoors with no worries.
Its a thing that is ever increasing in my mindset lately. Privacy makes a big difference in being comfortable with a Kink. And I need to move out into my own house ASAP
I agree. Completely therapeutic! I recently went on a trip with my Master to 30 secluded acres of land and there was such a feeling of freedom. Like they say... Get back to nature. Can't wait until next time.
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