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Photo approval... Or not??


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I uploaded 2 pics today... One of a sex toy I got and one screengrab of my latest BDSM test.
The first one is confined to the website only because IT'S TOO HOT🙄🙄🙄
The next one has been rejected for one of the various reasons explained in the lengthy text accompanying said rejection but as none is pointed at specifically, I'm none the wiser.
So someone please answer these Qs:
Why is a pic of a sex toy too hot for the app?
Why has a screenshot of A LIST got rejected?

And while I'm here, why have all the topics similar to mine been shut down apparently very quickly?

I would appreciate clear answers (I'm starting to know you lot)

There are many reasons why photos may or may not be accepted but it's impossible for anyone to tell you exactly why in this forum as we don't have the benefit of the photo's in question. The site normally send you an email containing the guidelines when a photo is rejected. 

I hate the way that some pics aren’t allowed that are perfectly inoffensive and yet sex pics and scat seems perfectly ok 🤷🏻‍♀️ I had a pic of my boobs bound confined to the website and a pic of some butt plugs in my hand banned.. it’s very confusing
This may help:

Is from the site FAQs and is a fairly comprehensive list of how pics are categorised and what is/isn't allowed - screenshots are called out as a no go, so that answers one of your questions - you can opt to display your BDSM Test on your profile from the test page if that was your intent.
For the sex toys - per the FAQs they are listed under NSFW - so hopefully that answers both queries for you.

the BDSM test screen grab isn't permitted because any text on photos is (usually) not permitted 

apple and google have strict rules of what images are allowed on the app and sex toys are not something they permit.


there are some which get denied in error - in this case if you think something is a genuine mistake then you raise a support ticket under help

there's also a fair few slipping the net at the minute which shouldn't be getting through and that is causing a lot of frustration - understandably - but in cases where theirs got through and yours didn't it's usually that theirs shouldn't not yours should - in this case hitting the report button on someone's photo should get it reclassified 


To be blunt there are flaws in the process

there was a period where every photo was manually approved and people complained how slow it was.  Now, photos are approved by automation and it speeds up the process but means some photos slip the net.

It is not possible to approve photos both quickly and accurately.  However, it is really important they do iron out some of the stuff that gets through that shouldn't, since Apple and Google will pull the app if they are not happy.   


Hi all

This is a question that has been asked, and answered, many times already.

If you have a photo that was rejected, or you do not agree with the label on it - then raise a ticket via support using the 'help' link below.

If someone has a picture that seems "worse" that should not have got through this may have been an approval in error, so you can always flag that for re-review also.

Photo approval... Or not??? Why was this thread closed? Who closed it and why?
I'm the one who started it. And now I'm locked out of it?
Don't I ,at the very fucking least, deserve some kind of heads up as you apply what can only be called censorship?

I'm sure I'm not the only one concerned by the arbitrary quality of decisions on here...
Am I?

The topic was closed as there are already many discussions about the same topic and your question has been answered.

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