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Photo approval and categorizing problems


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I understand, to a degree, why the site has members approve and categorize new photos. But maybe, just maybe if it's not something that happens already the privilege of being able to do so should be revoked for those who incorrectly categorize photos and ESPECIALLY ANYONE WHO IS APPROVING PHOTOS WITH **CHILDREN** IN THEM. YES I'M YELLING!!!  

I'm absolutely appalled and disgusted at the number of photos I've run across lately that get posted *and* approved here that have obvious minors and very young children in them. 


Could mods tell us if there's any accountability for people who approve photos that are against TOS? I see lots of others as well but the children thing is the most concerning. 


I share your concern about inappropriate content, especially involving children. It's crucial to ensure a safe online environment and I would encourage anyone who sees anything inappropriate to hit the report button. They do get picked up. If it's urgent then please do reach out to any of the FETMODS who are online and bring it to their attention. 

All photos undergo an initial automated screening before reaching the approval stage. At the approval stage, each image is carefully validated by three different members, and it will only be approved if at least two out of the three members provide a positive response. This process is in place to maintain the quality and appropriateness of the content on our platform. 

Your feedback is important, and individual images can be reported using the link in the top right corner and the Support Team will manually review. We take reports of inappropriate content seriously. 

To be clear, it's the SUPPORT TEAM that would be involved in resolving these issues - FETMOD’s have nothing to do with photo approval or classifications (but they can deal with emergencies).

Thank you for bringing this to our attention."

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