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Female feet in sandals are men really in to this?

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I recently started seeing a guy and he loves seeing my feet in all different kinds of sandals! He keeps buying them for me and asking to take pictures of my feet. 


Anyone else ever been in this situation or like this? I mean I'm not complaining because now I have all types of cute sandals to wear just was curious. Also I came home to find 12 different color nail polishes left for me. Anyone else ever experienced this? Also he took me to the county market and bought me all new toerings including one for the big toe! I love it but I've never had anyone this on to feet. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? 

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Absolutely there are men into this, myself for one. There are probably far more who are than you initially realize. I adore seeing feet in sandals, & many other forms of footwear too. Also have frequently gifted different hues of nail polish to participating ladies. Kudos to your guy for showing such appreciation. Good luck to you both, enjoy it & make the most of it x

People have different fetishes and some have the means to fund them.  He likes you in sandals, you are happy to take the pictures of you in them - everyone wins.

It's not something for me.   But, for example, my Mistress bust Her sandals - She asked for £50 to replace them and would send the purchaser Her old sandals - I think it literally took minutes.

(Now, before anyone gets clever - She is someone well known and well established - when someone has 17,000 twitter followers it's a lot easier for this to happen...) 

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