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Question for parents?


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I was just wandering if any of the parents on hear have ever had to deal with there kids walking in on them and there partner during a bdsm season and if yes for any new parents that might worry about it happening to them how did you handle the situation and what advice do you give to fellow parent if they find themself in that situation


Be honest and truthful if the child ask.
I've never been in that situation thankfully. The toys and BDSM furniture only come out when the kids aren't around. And that's my advice, don't put yourself in a position where the kids could walk in on you. Play at a local dungeon or somewhere else. If you have to scene at home, do it when the kids are in school (or play quietly when they are in bed). If necessary, put a lock on the door of the room that you play in so they can't just walk in and see thing that they shouldn't be exposed to.
Yeah... if I were going ever going to have kids, daddy is going to have a soundproofed "office" with a sturdy door and secure lock that the kids will never be able to get through. I just have no interest in that situation ever coming up, and I think it'd be worth a decently expensive home renovation to make sure it doesn't.
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What if the kids are so young, they told the whole classroom "My parents wore costumes in bed".🙈😂

First, children have sticky fingers. They can open anything like the best bank robbers. 4rch had the best idea in storage from a previous forum, and easily able to see if it was broken into. 

Second, get the best bedroom locks.

Lastly, answer your question. For me, I believe in being open and honest, because it's better they learn about the Birds and Bees making theatre from me, then from the Internet and Ms/Mr Know It Alls. Only problem is "What if they are too young". 

Beware, their friends will know as well.😂


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I would say an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure 🙈😄
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I have moved my sex toys and clamps etc into a lockable case now with a padlock, I've 2 children 9 and 16 I would be mortified if they ever walked in on me mid play. So like others have said I would plan when to play, when there at school or college and definitely out the house. As my daughter is autistic I can't really have a lock on my bedroom door so I have to take other mesures. 

I think I'd try to be as honest as I could within reason.

I'm still scarred from as a child going downstairs seeing my mothers enormous white bum going up and down and not understanding at the time what was happening!  Left me confused and a bit scared. So I'd definitely not want to put my child in a place where they'd see any bdsm. Planning is paramount for me.

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