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My first toy. Need specific tips


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Hello friends. Well, let's just say that I'm totally new to this stuff, and I'm being introduced to BDSM practiced by my gf, which is revealing herself as an amazing sub. 

I find this marvellous as we discover new layers of your true selves with these plays as the same time we develop a very strong bond between us. To be honest, I think that this is how true love manifests itself. It's just great.

After this introduction, let me ask you ppl one thing, she is really into this oral fetish and wants to use an open mouth ring. Everything is great, but the tricky part comes into play as we can't find a ring with enough diameter. Everything that I find is around 3,8cm or, at best, 4,5. I just did some mathematics here to discover (D=c/π) that I'm a lucky 4,77cm dude... so, do you boys and girls know any place that sells  a 5 cm ring? If not, how to proceed?


Thanks a lot!


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I have never seen an O ring gag that I would say is suitable for forced oral but you could try a Jennings mouth gag they are available quite reasonably priced on Amazon

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