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New and mostly curious


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I've recently start to search more regarding bdsm and daddy dom / little girl. I have never had experience in any but I find myself searching daddy in porn and tumblr(RIP). I don't think I have interest in diaper or colouring books but I do find myself wanting a daddy that will call me good girl and cuddle me and help me make decisions sometimes. Am I into this kink or am I just vanilla but wanna call my SO daddy?

Thank you!

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I echo what @DominatrixSheba says, tailor your relationship to whatever you want and call it whatever suits you. Include things you like and exclude things you dont. Its your relationship, do it your way


Hello Curiousbean. Some good advice already given.

The relationship you seek is the relationship you seek. It might be considered D/s or it might not. At the end of the day who cares if it works for you?

Are you more likely to find what you want here? The answer is maybe.

My advice is to read up on what you can. This site is great for that. Talk to littles who seem to want what you want. You seem to sat your don't think what is called ABDL is for you. So don't ask littles who are big into this, it works for them.

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