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Selling used underwear


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Hi guys

new to this and wondered if anyone has any experience of selling used underwear and which sites are the best in the UK?



It's not something I'm likely to buy (although, I do have a mini collection of worn underwear on my desk - but that's another story!  All above board though...) one of the easiest ways is to sell as part of your own website.

Another common way is to list as an item for sale on a cam site, such as Adultwork, or a clip site which allows items for sale.    If nothing else this then ties the item - to you.   I don't feel guys really would be interested in buying underwear from 'just anyone' - so if you tie it in with other things you're doing it then becomes about being 'yours'

A friend of mine used to do phone sex - and often she'd make sales from people who wanted what she'd wore on the call; they could then tie it in to a memory.

But yeah, "I need a few quid - anyone want some underwear" - someone needs a reason for it to be *your* underwear. 

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