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Naughty slave need punishment!

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Hello all,

Master wants me to share with everyone that i am a naughty slave and i have dissapointed master. Master put me to bed last night and i was told not to touch or play with myself until he returned. Masters slutty slave could not resist, i was nearing orgasm within 30 minutes af master leaving. When master returned 1 hour later and asked if i had been a good girl, i lied and told master i had. I did not no master had a camera set up and watched me disobey. 

Master is very upset with me for breaking 2 rules. He says i need to be punished for my crimes. The first part of my punishment is me publicly begging all the masters reading to please tell me what punishment i deserve. I am not allowed to read the replys so master will pick the which is best suited to my crime. 

Thank you


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Well for breaking two rules deliberately - the worst being the lie about breaking the first rule I would - the punishment needs to be quite severe and two fold to match the two fold rule breaks.


1. Seeing as you cannot help yourself when it comes to masturbation you will spend the 5 day working week wearing a locked chastity device to which only your master has the keys. The device may be any of your masters choosing. This will teach you that your orgasm is only for your master to control and not you.

2. For telling lies your master should take an anti-bacterial wipe and use it to thoroughly clean out that dirty lie filled mouth of yours as many times as you would usually brush your teeth in a day, every day for 5 working week days. This will clean your mouth of the filth that caused you to lie.


Happy Punsihments

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Sounds like a case deserving a twice daily severe pussy flogging and chastity belt for a few weeks until you learn who owns that pussy.
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