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Has anyone ever taken norethisterone before?


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So… if you’re here I’m assuming you have taken norethisterone to delay your period. How was it ?
I’ve never taken it before and would love to know how it was for other people ?
Obviously I know every body is different but it’s still great to have a heads up on what to expect during and after

Many thanks ~
I think it's an odd assumption to make and i'm assuming it's in relation to recreation as opposed to a clinical reason?
Personally, I've never taken it and I doubt I shall simply because I don't agree with messing about with the bodies natural hormone levels, they're there for a reason and the slighest imbalance could have a dramatic affect upon emotional well being. Progesterone and estrogen levels should complement each other. The symptoms of higher levels of progesterone are easily googable
Recreational enjoyment of the monthly monster should be more widely embraced. N o shame or stigma should be attached
3 minutes ago, DomGloves said:
No never 👎

Your loss....


No iv never taken it. I assune there's all.sorts of reasons for taking it. Maybe to get your period into.a regularly pattern.


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I took it on three occasions. For my 1st utter fail of a wedding in my 20s, period started exactly as a normal one, just pushed the cycle back 10 days. But that was the 80s, not sure they would give you it for such cosmetic reasons now!
Other 2 occasions were due to massive haemorrhage akin to a miscarriage to help stop the bleeding they think was caused by being on the pill for years.

I had no particular side effects from the drug itself
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