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Munches For A Newbie


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I'm new to the BDSM scene (fresh meat!) and would like to begin by meeting other people in the scene (non-sexual at this stage). Are there any regular munches in London/Surrey/Hampshire/Berkshire? I've tried signing up to such events recently, but sadly the organisers weren't responsive to me. Perhaps the community can direct me to munches I haven't yet come across.

My surrogate partner (female) and I agree that I have a dominant side that I would benefit from exploring. I'm neurodiverse, so I thrive in settings where boundaries and rules are clearly defined for all involved. I also enjoy being around other people (sexually or otherwise) who appreciate clarity and open communication.

Any signposting would be greatly appreciated. This could be the first day of the rest of my life!



there are indeed many munches and events

you don't actually need approval to attend providing you know the location and follow any published instructions 

one I do often recommend - I'm not from your way but I like what the Club DVS people are doing in London - they have a munch, an event and a workshop and they're all aimed at helping new people into the scene.

I say that, I went along as someone fairly experienced and still had a good time and learned some things (never stop learning) 


Fresh meat?? Ok

there sre plenty of munches and events in London and south !! Look on fetlife it’s a good place for that kind of stuff 

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