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Options for queening?


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I'm an avid sub pussy eater and my wife/mistress and i recently discovered the joy of me eating her ass. As such, she now aggressively wants to pursue forcing me to eat her holes for extended periods. I quickly located and proposed one of those red top queening chair boxes, which she approved of (it even has restraints, a requirement she had, and she can control the straps that pull my head up! Not sure who's excited more, me or her lol).

However, she also had another requirement -- that I obtain a harness so she can strap my face into her ass. The idea being that if she's not sitting on me, she's likely laying down in bed on her stomach with me helplessly clamped firmly into her ass, forced eat and breathe her.

Now that I'm sufficiently aroused just discussing it, what are my options for a harness? I'm struggling to find anything at all


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Simple - couple of long belts should do the trick - one round the back of your head and her waist/hips, the other round the base of the head just above the neck and her waist - buckled at the front she retains control.
Might take some experimentation and also care about any risks but should work.
Had a similar experience but it didn't involve a harness or butt play. Had an encounter with a Dom that just wanted me to put on my bondage hood sit down with my back up against a wall legs straight out with her smashing her ass into my face/bondage hood until she came. She like to tell me to keep my hands off to the side and don't touch her(all the while she is grinding away at my face) and I was just her fuck doll that was just laying around in her bedroom and I needed to be lifeless. Got my head banged against the wall a few good times as I had been reduced to being an object to carry out her gratification. Interesting one time encounter.
Take a look around etsy, I'm also certain if you can't find what you're looking for, there are loads of people that create custom equipment for such means :)
I would say talk to some crafts people get something custom just for her.
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Love it.
I love being bound and ass smothered and breath training and if she tickle tortures you at the same time she will even love it more because you will be huffing and puffing and moving for her.
Thats one of my fetishes.
Any takers in Queensland lol
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