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Why is this app so stupid about emojis?


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These are my favorite emojis to use:
🫣 🫠 👉🏼👈🏻 🫰🏼 👀 🫦 🧎‍♂️
For some reason however, they wont show up when I use them in my description!
I wonder they will be visible on this post.
And I know im not the only one with this issue, because I encountert other profiles with (as an example) " ? Fetish" in their description...
You never know, but I doubt that the girl is into Questionmarks 🤔
A lot of those are from the most recent update to the Unicode emoji standard, and I think app developers have to update to support them.
I had to type mine elsewhere and cut and paste them here. The foot emoji doesn’t show up on a black background.
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