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Looking for a 24/7 master out there


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I have fantasy to have a 24/7 session of being ***d into a school girl slave(maid).. for few days .. under the charge of the master..

Looking at timeframe of at least 3 days to 1 week..or maybe longer! During that the master will have total control over me...

There, I will be locked up accordingly in the master's house/room and will be TAMED AND TRAINED to be:
1. A girly-behaved servant school girl
2. Obedient and submissive slave to master
3. Maid to do household chores and waiting on the master
4. Please and do service to the master in whatever area that pleases him
5. Be master's toy and play games with master
6. Accept and love punishments melted by master

Only few conditions:
1. During the session, I must always be in full school uniform all time, maybe a few changes of uniform at different occassions
(eg, one set for when doing service to master, which must be alway be neat and presentable and smell nice.. and the other set for other times, such as doing housework, to sleep in, or be mummified in, locked up in.. this set will end up very uncomfortable and smelly in..

2. no permanent scar/mark or health problem

3. Kept healthy for the duration of session

4. be used by master to extremes and according to his pleasures

I penned fantasy down

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