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*** confession.

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I think I lean on the pretty extreme side of *** play. And sometimes I find it difficult to meet guys into that. So here's my kinky confession.


So I had an online Daddy Dom for awhile. It's surprising how much kinky mischief you can get up to without being in the same room as your Daddy. We had a TPE day and he had me start my day off by having me put some embarrassing underwear on, then he had me prepare a healthy breakfast of porridge, and once it was cooked I served it up in a metal dog bowl (I'm not into pet play, it's the *** aspect I'm into)


Once I'd made my breakfast, he had me place my bowl on the floor and get down on my hands and knees and eat it like that. At one point my then Daddy allowed me to place the bowl on the table (I have stomach issues and my knees were hurting) but so into subspace was I, it felt like I was disappointing him somehow, so I begged to be allowed to go back to my place on the floor to finish. 


There's myriad of other examples of ***, but that's just one.



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I would love this kind of *** play
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