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Ever have a near out of body experience at the most unusual moment?


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Lately, I've been searching for those elements of life that are generally hidden from normal view. I guess I get a little board and reach out for the brass ring sometimes.
I have a special talent that sometimes grants me a rare opportunity to find and explore some of our universal secrets. Lol
Simply put, in search of my boundaries, I sometimes find myself exploring those paths that create events within my timeliness that move my soul. That last few times I experienced climaxing, I nearly had an out of body experience. While I'm familiar with this, it seams to me that "too good" could be a bad thing in this case. Sorry if I sound like a nut, but I have a Docin Meta Physics.
Has anyone else had experiences similar that mine??
Ya, it's my aura... then I go into a seizure a few minutes later šŸ˜‚
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