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sorting out the technical issues with displaying notfications


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I hope I have headlined this correctly. 

Basically it is annoying me when I get a notification of someone making a status comment about me, and I can only see maybe 2 out of 7 comments. Those people and their comments do not show. Sometimes for days or weeks later. Also on this, my status update says "1 member" on the "who likes this" bit, but when I click on it, 7 people show up. So it is more than 1 member. 

The same goes for photo and picture likes. I have my little "likes" counter telling me 7 likes on a picture for instance. When I click on the likes for that picture it brings up 5 pages of likes. 25 likes per page. So why is Fet only displaying 1/3 of this at face value? I am missing a lot of comments, likes and notifications as this doesn't display properly. 

Sorry for the moan, but I am sure this isn't just me it's happening to. 


Hi Jen

This doesn't sound great - this is one more for support, could you possibly log a ticket using help below and they'll be able to look into it for you?

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