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Self foot worship


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Hi all,

I have this somewhat niche interest in girls performing self foot worship and I was wondering if anyone make his/her own sub do this (for example as a punishment).

I'm working on introducing it with my sub but not done it yet.


Having your sub massage your feet, suck them, lick them, wee on them or fuck them is all fairly common practice if both parties agree. Or do you mean your sub worships her own feet?

Yes, I actually meant her worship her own feet.

I find self foot worship very erotic and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced it, from either side.

I consider it, for some reason, quite an "extreme" practice. It's completely harmless, obviously, but I find it very rich in meaning, and with the right attitude I believe it can be interpreted as deeply humiliating.

On the other hand, the only sub I had occasion to talk about this with, told me that for her it would mean absolutely nothing, and she would even find it hilarious and hard to take seriously. So, I guess there might be different view on it. 



I cant see how is it extreme?

women tend to take care of their feet themselves, some put more effort with cream, rasping, pedicure etc, 

but you could ask your sub to do it in front of you, or make her filming it

I asked a sub once to pee on her feet and she found it humiliating, I found it sexy


I find self foot worship to be a very humiliating practice.

I would make her do in front of me. She takes good care of herself and her feet so the *** would only come from the act itself, not because her feet are smelly or dirty.


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