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The sub

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The sub
Shes so new to this everytime she approaches it she has that knot in the pit of her stomach.  The release post it is intoxicating and she craves it but still the edges of acceptable have been barely touched upon.  Where are those limits she knows are there but how does she let herself get to them. She’s a control freak the smallest inconsequential things can take her over the edge, how can the  loss of control be so intoxicating when every day she drives and craves to ensure she keeps everything uder wraps as much as she can.
The wait is excruciating, the will it or wont it of circumstances being made available, but still She expectantly waits all day, knowing and hoping that its coming, wating for him to give that look that says get upstairs and I will show you how I own this process, how I am in full control, how I will push you to those limits that I know you are searching for cause I know you, I know those tells that show you want more.  But I will keep you safe always, how does she trust this, how does she open herself up to those darker parts that even she doesn’t know are there. The look comes, that drive and hunger, the blueness of his eyes taking hold.  Her breath catches, she knows some of the potential of what is to come but not all of it.  
As she slowly walks up the stairs, she turns back around “what would you like me to wear Sir”.  The request is said with genuine need to be told how to behave, knowing that with this first statement she is showing her relinquish of the control that is about to come. His voice is gruff and laden with desire, his pretty little porn star is about to act in the way he says, the way he desires, the needs and requirements acted out in one scene of many to come.  “Everything you need is laid out for you, I have already made that decision.” She turns to look in the bedroom and gasps, how has she missed this preparation, how did she not notice him not there organising everything.
There is a new set of restraints lying on the bed, ones that look like they will bind her arms behind her back and a blindfold sat there waiting to be put on.  She obliges, “can you help me sir to get these restraints on”  “good girl, of course I will help you”  With her Hands now tied behind her back, and a blindfold covering her eyes. All of her senses become heightened, and her breath starts to catch. She thinks she knows what is to come but yet still doesn’t the excitement twinged with anticipation. Her legs shake as she stands there naked and exposed, she can feel her pussy getting wetter without even a touch.
She leans forward to bend over the bed, and a firm hand parts your thighs and then suddenly a finger tantalisingly trails up your wet, waiting slit and a slight moan escapes her lips. She shuffles to meet the touch, knowing this could result in punishment but wanting to feel more, aching to be touched, the touch howerer is light and teasing, tracing circles around her most intimate areas. She craves more, she needs to be filled. The shuffling was noticed tho, and  Suddenly, a sharp stinging pain as a hard spank lands. “did I say you could move?” She cries out and then recentres “No sir “
“ and do you understand you will be punished for actions that have not been requested” “yes sir” “then this time I will only punish you once, but move again without my direction and there will be more”
She shudders with desire, knowing that the brat side of her wants to move but that the sub side of her will comply with his direction.  She craves to feel his hard cock in her mouth, she craves feeling his hard cock inside of her, she wants all of it all at once but knows that she has to wait.  All of these things are coming but when he decides he wants them and not a moment before.  She is desperate now, knowing you she is helpless but wanting more.
She feels a hand around her hair, roughly grabbing her and forcing her down to her knees and instantly she knows she is going to receive the cock she crave so much. Opening her mouth wide she wait expectantly. However it is not the cock that she craves that is placed in her mouth but the gag that holds her pretty little mouth open.  “lets see how my perfect little pornstar looks with this on shall we”
“well don’t you just look perfect” she is kneeling in front of him patiently waiting to see if he will place his hard cock in her mouth, using the perfect metal ring to be able to give her the taste of what she desires.  Kneeling and waiting, the blindfold hiding her sight her hearing enhanced and her pussy dripping wet. She hears a zip being undone and a groan escapes her lips as she knows the cock you crave is almost upon you.
“lets see how this will work shall we” and slowly he moves towards her she can feel his presence close to by, the blindfold in place removing that sense from her. He holds her hair and pulls her face towards him she takes his shaft to the back of her throat, savouring the taste that she loves. She feels the shaft ease in and out of her mouth, her face getting fucked as she greedily take it all. Internally she knows how much she just loves being his naughty little slut. With every thrust she is becoming more and more desperate to be filled, wanting that shaft buried deep inside her. His voice is gruff as he asks “are you enjoying being a naughty little slut” , replying with a nod as her voice has been taken All that is going through her head is how can she show she is begging to be filled, her pussy aching for him to be inside of her.
But then it stops, everything stops, its quiet all that can be heard is his heavy breathing and he slowly undoes the gag that was around her mouth “well done princess that can be counted as a success and for that you may have a reward”  He lifts her off her knees, and places her on the bed.  He gives her time to adjust knowing the blood flow is returning knowing she needs a minute to be able to recentre. Her arms are untied from behind her back and she is able to move her shoulders and arms again.   “ I will give you a minute but I want you lying on the cushion with your arms above your head so I can attach them to the bed”  She takes a few deep breaths, knowing the time to recentre will be fleeting, knowing the time to prepare will be short. As he lies down again with her arse in the air he takes her arms and attaches them to the cuffs, her power and control yet again being taken away from her.  Suddenly, without warning she feels the hard strike of the whip a moan escapes her mouth knowing that there is more to come.  She pants with desire waiting for the next strike to come but instead he slams his hard cock inside of her, grabbing her hair and pulling her head backwards 'you are mine and I am going to take you so fucking hard!'.
He thrust into her long and deep but then stops she can feel his cock tantalisingly close to her soaked pussy as it runs up and down, not yet entering again but making her squirm, as the tension is building. All she wants is him, all she needs is him but she knows hes not finished  with her yet,  Wanting this to go on as long as possible.  The coldness of lube around her pretty bum makes her gasp, she knows he knows how much she desires him in both holes, and the sudden change in temperature shows her that he also wants this.  Slowly and teasingly he places one finger in side of her, it makes all of her tense knowing this is exactly what she wants but knowing the care he will take with her.  She is aching for her clit to be played with, she is aching to feel him hard inside of her, why is it every time this road is travelled her greed comes to the forefront.  His voice is strong when he asks “what do you want, I will ask you only once and you will tell me what you need”  She hesitates, what does she say, can she work all of the thigs that she wants into one sentence. She has taken too long and the thwack of the whip against her already sensitive thighs make her cry out.  “if you do not answer me I will punish you for you discretions”  “sorry sir I was trying to prioritise”  “ did I ask you to do that” the thwack of the whip comes again slightly harder this time.  As she cries out again she tries to answer but as she has disobeys she knows the punishment will continue until she answers.  The words wont come but the whip still does, “please sir I cant answer you whilst you do that, please let me answer”  The sudden stop of the whip makes her gasp but she knows she has to answer quickly or else it will start again.  “ I want to feel the vibrator on my clit an I want both holes to be filled at once, I will let you decide sir how best to enact that”  He praises her for being able to answer “you see how communication is key in this and leads to all parties being satisfied.  She gasps he has placed the vibrator on her clit and the toy inside of her.  Both a humming in a pattern that off sets each other, and she can feel the orgasm growing inside of her when he finally pushes his hard cock inside of her arse with one thrust you are filled completly.  Its overwhelming, it’s all encompassing, like every synapse inside of you is on fire, because he may have take the control of this scene but he has done it for you, for you to be able to feel the release.  With one final groan you feel him finally cum inside of you, knowing that he has had the release that he so desires too.  You end the scen and know that you are both satisfied, that his understanding of your inner desires has fulfilled all your wants, because this journey as a sub is about him but it also always about you as he wants to be the person that takes you to these places.  That you are his perfect porn star princess and this is the sub role that you know embody.
So what happened to the sub? ..... did being full and the vibrations on your clit do the trick?
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