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Sound/music or nothing


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Hi all,

First I want to say that I am fairly new to be dominant and have a question 

I have this idea for a play what're I first plug in in ear headphones to my sub then a blindfolded hood so they stay in place and over that a noise canceling construction headphone.


But now I am looking for tips on what to play while my sub is bound blinded and deaf.


Nothing at all so it is all silent or do you have some recommendations  about a sound (moaning or humiliating things) (if you have also a source for the audio that would be really helpful or just some music and what are your recommendations about songs.


Greetings Kapi86

NIN, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, Smashing Pumpkins... all of those turn me on. It also depends on speed and the overall mood you want to set.
For a more aggressive tone I like Deftones and Korn
Maybe some moaning or porn audio, also a huge turn on
Combi Christ has some great fast beat stuff Listen to “get your body beat”

are we saying here the sub is pretty much sensory derived and it's pretty much a control only what they listen to?

there's obviously a lot here depending on the mood you wish to set - or any contrast - and the subs own tastes

There's quite a few aggressive choices above - but really for all of the bands above it could be heaven or hell depending on the subs tastes.

It's easier to concentrate with music you like vs music you don't.  So, if you want to create an extra distress - just give them anything they hate.  If you want to help get them into a space, give them something they like - which could be relaxing or upbeat depending on what you're trying to do.

Or why not switch around? give them something uptempo/aggressive and do sensation play, or give something calming for *** play ;)


Abject silence can also be fairly distressing - but - for an extra bit mindfuck you can include occasional random noises.   What about one of those hearing tests audios - they'd be pretty confusing 

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It depends on the mental/emotional environment you are trying to create in the listeners mind.

If one smells an orange, it is a interpretation of the chemicals in that orange (that's as complicated as I'm going to get) but it is not an exact representation.

Hearing is a different sorry.  If one hears the note A at 440 Hz, the nerve impulses firing in the brain, are firing at 440 Hz.  We still don't understand it exactly- but it seems sound is authentically reproduced in the brain.


If a hyperspace is what your going for, any aggressive music- above 120bpm, will  do the trick.  

If hypospace is your aim, anything below 90bpm, will get you there- think some Pink Floyd.

If though, you want deep, surreal, altered state- I'd go for really good binaural beats.  They ARE real.  And do work, for deep meditation.

Danni Rodes... Musician, Sound Engineer.  

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