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The Entrance - A Short Story

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A long dark shadow slithered onto the floor as she entered the room. The light from behind her cast a powerful, sinful silhouette. As the light hit his face he looked up.

‘Finally’ he thought time to get out. He was bent over in stocks like a stuffed *** on the wall with a bright shiny ball in his mouth, the drool on the floor meant he had been there for some time. He heard her footsteps one at a time...


‘Oh fuck, those are heels’ he looked again, her black shiny boots meant she was not done with him yet. His eyes went up to see the edge riding up her long thighs, followed by her skin and then a jet-black thong.


‘That is massive’ she was wearing what he determined as the biggest shiniest cock he had ever seen.


His eyes continued upward, the corset was extra tight having her breasts spill out over the top and you guessed it, also shiny a black.


Her face had a smile that said, that’s right, your mine and just wait till I have in store for you. Her hair was tied back in a straight pony tale, after all, hair just gets in the way.

STEP Smack STEP smack

The crop now alternating with her steps. His heart now beating out of his chest ‘let’s get this over with.’ The light from the doorway starts to fade as the door closes with the latch securing.

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