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My hands are tied behind my back and my ankles are tied together. I'm wearing a black sheer bodysuit, a red mini skirt, black nylon pantyhose, and six inch leather stilletos. I'm silently sobbing and tears streak my face. There's a crowd of people screaming "die bitch!", "maggot whore!" and "die slow!" I'm sitting on a diving board at the very tip and I look down to see a vat of bubbling, gooey black tar that appears like it's crawling. The man behind me who appeares to be a body builder whispers in my ear and sais "this is it trash, you're about to get it now." He takes out his megaphone and announces that the festivities have began. "We are all here to watch this cum slut cry and die today". He starts to describe what is about to happen. "The tank this bitch will be swallowed in is a 75ft concoction of motor oil, sewage, cum, and maggots." "Her hands and feet are bound and she will have no escape. An alarm will sound, and she will fall into the vat. She will slowly sink in the toxic muck, and eventually drown in it. May this pig rot in hell!" The crowd starts to chant "Sink that bitch!" "Sink that bitch!" All of a sudden, I hear the sound of an alarm and right before the diving board collapses, I raise the middle finger up to all of them. I fall feet first into the steamy, stinky, bubbling stew. The smell made me instantly vomit. As I sink deeper into the mire, I feel the sensation of maggots biting at my flesh. Crying and screaming, I feel the muck reach my throat. I cry out "Help!" "Please!" as a final attempt of mercy. As I reach my final moments all I hear is the muffled sound of angry people violently shouting and the gurgling noise of bubbling goo. I stare at the final moment of my life as the muck has covered my nose and is just at eye level. I roll my eyes in the back of my head and start inhaling the gooey sewage. I slowly start to curse God, orgasm, and fade away.
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