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Mainly chat-based relationship?

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So I have had some experience with kink online, and have had some great fun on kik chatting with people, and even had a dedicated dom for a while. However, even though I did enjoy it, it was all a bit much. And at this point I want to just chat with people without the baggage of sending a ton of NSFW pictures, it can make me feel uncomfortable. 


So I guess I'm asking how feasible is it to find a (casual) sort of dom/sub relationship, possibly with tasks and rules and whatnot, that's mainly chat-based? And how would I go about trying to do this? I know a lot of people like trading pics and whatnot but it's just not something I particularly like. 


nothing is impossible.

Though - for some of my experiences.   Years ago I had a male sub that was online/text based - kinda not sure why I was doing it - but, I dunno, I did get a little experience out of it - but... I started to have doubt he was doing some of the tasks set.  He seemed to get off more on the idea of talking about ideas and the fantasy than actually doing them - and that can be ok... but, y'know.

I also for a short while had a mini online roleplay with someone and we were talking through a scenario and there were a few bits where either of us could be anyone - but, in some ways it didn't really matter because it was about the fantasy.

But, it also did mean after a while it did get a bit weird/uncomfortable.


Something of course to always point out and remember is there are people on Adultwork, or who do assorted selling kik services (sexting, virtual boy/girl friend etc) that is purely/mostly text based which suggests there is a demand for it - particularly from guys - but, I guess a question on what does the other person get out of it?   In the prior examples - not saying it's not fun for them, but it's mostly cos it's paid.


I had 3 experiences of the online situation, the first 2 as a sub and they really had their moments. The third was probably the more interesting as by then I was no longer in a sub mindset and I got talking to a Domme who was extremely interesting to chat to, she was a great chat partner, but we ended up having huge arguments mainly because I was no longer in the sub mindset and could no longer relate to being one, and I suspect she wanted to "take me on" as an online D/s chat partner but I knew I would probably be lousy at it and she had a full time sub anyway so I did not want to intrude in his personal space. Ugh, it got ugly eventually and I walked away. I was kinda sad though because I used to enjoy our convos, but when it came to BDSM we were poles apart, and it would not have worked. Twas a pity though.

I learnt one heck of a lot from my online situations though, it really used to set my creative juices running and I enjoyed the time thoroughly. 

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