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What is it like to be a Dominant Energy Vampire?


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In a realm of shadows, where dominant energy vampires dwell,
One ponders what it feels like, as their tale begins to tell.

Siphoning the dominant force whenever it appears,
From bosses, friends, or family, their hunger never clears.

Colleagues, strangers, anyone who flaunts that power strong,
Drawn in by the seductive dance, the vampire plays along.

This need to feed, consuming more, becomes a sweet addiction,
Perhaps survival is the game, an ancient, dark conviction.

For centuries, these creatures roamed, unknown to mortal sight,
In search of those who'd satiate their everlasting plight.

To breathe, and live, in moments brief, a respite from pretense,
No longer must they masquerade as alphas in defense.

Like trees that take in CO2, and offer breaths of life,
These vampires sip from dominance, to ease their inner strife.

"Let me take your D0M," they'd jest, "and offer you 5UB,"
A playful twist on nature's gift, the lifeblood they would scrub.

So hidden in plain sight they live, amongst the unsuspecting,
Stealing strength, evading interaction, forever connecting.
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