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He wanted to watch


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Baby was talking to a curvy Latina at the pool bar at our resort in Mexico.  She kept pointing at me, and giggling with her new friend.

They both walked over. 

Daddy this is Marisol. She is here with her sugar daddy who is a cuck. 

My cock was instantly hard.

If you want, we can play together, he just wants to watch. We can have dinner together and see how that all works.

Jose was a lawyer from Mexico City. His wife had died and kids were grown and gone. Marisol was his last fun. He said making his own porn is better than watching it. I tell the girls what to do and he will just watch.

We went back to their suite. I told the girls to make out and undress each other down to their panties. Neither was wearing panties.

I Sat on the couch, and told them both to come suck on me. They took turns sucking my cock. I ***d each of their heads down to swallow me. Making them gasp for air.

Jose was jerking himself watching me get my cock and balls sucked.

I told Marisol to eat my ass while baby sucked my cock. She did so willingly.

I grabbed Marisol by the hair and led her to the bed. I put her on all 4s. I took Baby by the hand and had her spread her legs for Marisol. 

Marisol worked Baby's pussy. I told baby to cum as much as she wanted. Baby came all over Marisol's face while I fucked Marisol from behind. 

I worked her deep and hard.

She came on my cock while Baby came on her face.

I pulled my cock out and slid it into Babys creamy, soaking pussy. I came deep inside Baby, and then pushed Marisol's face down to eat my cum out of Babys pussy.



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