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The Toy, part 7


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It was Mistresses 30th birthday. Nothing she enjoyed more than having her toy suffer delightfully while she was pleasured.
Mistress was layed on the bed while Master got the toy from its cage. it was told to bend over the bottom of the bed. it felt a large butt plug working its way in. it squeeled and wiggled, begging "please Master"
Not that it achieved anything, that plug was going in like it or not. Mistress gave a glinting smile of satisfaction at its ***.
Once the plug was in a belt was put around its waist and one from front to back like a chastity belt, to keep that plug in deep. its tits were bound tight at the base with thick cable ties, excess cut off. its hands were put into leather cuffs and padlocked behind its back. A thick belt put around its body just under its tits to keep its arms secured tight.

"Lay on the bed, knees near the bottom" Master said. it fell forward onto the bed and got its self into position. Straps were placed around its ankles and secured to its wrists with more straps. Now in a hogtie it looked up at Mistresss smiling, the last thing it saw as a hood placed over its head and all that could be seen was its mouth.
Mistress moved herself down so her pussy was next to the toys mouth.
"Birthday morning orgasms, bliss" Mistress said. The toy started to lick Mistress, it could hear her moans so it knew it was doing a good job. its tits were buldging under its body and aching even on the soft bed.

it licked and played with her pussy until Mistress groaned and shuddered her first orgasm, her hands grabbed the toys head and pushed it deep onto her wet pussy, it struggled as it couldnt breathe, it managed to pull away for air but Masters hand soon pushed its head back down, it wiggled some more but no luck this time, it just had to scream into her pussy until they let its head go. it took deep breaths.
"What a stupid cunt, you know you only breathe when we allow it"
Master tilted it on its side, Mistress taped a spiked yoga disk onto each nipple, then he put it back on its front. its weight pressed the disc deep into its nipples. it felt Mistress move on the bed, she was now on her tummy and butt just infront of its face, its head/mouth then pushed into Misstresses arehole.
"Better warm that arse up for my cock stupid slut, if she screams when i fuck her then you will scream after"
it worked its tongue as best it could.

Mistress suddenly moved away, it could feel movement on the bed, Mistress gasped as Master started fucking her arse, but no scream, it had done a good job thankfully.
it heard Master cum and they lay there on the bed for a few moments.
Mistress got up and it could hear her fumbling around. What it didnt know was Mistress was getting a pair of her used knickers from the laundry basket and just to make it worse she had wiped her pussy and arse with them, now soaked in both cum and possibly other bodily waste. Mistress stuffed them in the toys mouth and taped them in. They both went for a shower and it was left on the bed.
its arse full and tender, its nipples hurting, and it could taste them both, it was hard to breathe just through the 2 little nose holes in its hood now its mouth was completely taped over...... it waited.


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