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Anticipation (Part 2)

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Introduction to the Dungeon.

The first encounter between me and my sub at the restaurant had been full of promise and chemistry. Now we had our first live session in the dungeon.

I had instructed her to let herself in and move to the far left hand corner to the entrance to the reception area. She was to turn the light to it’s dimmest and put the blindfold on that was placed there. She would then strip naked and wait in a kneeling position, arms behind her head.

When I entered the room, I caught my breath seeing her obedient and ready. I Commanded her to stand up, still facing the corner. I told her that, as discussed in our restaurant encounter, I would train her up slowly and keep below her boundaries and limits.

I attached her red mouth gag and drew it fairly tight, but leaving plenty of room to breathe comfortably. I then attached her nipple clamps in a way that she would be aware of the uncomfortable pinch, without it feeling in any way excruciating. It would be feeling more exquisite and sensual. I then guided her to the rope hanging from the ceiling, tying her her hair with it so that her heels were lifted ever so slightly from the floor. I attached the gel like double dildo to her pussy and anus, again only enough penetration to be inserted without going very deep. I cuffed her arms horizontally behind her back and above her peachy arse.

She was now all ready for her first novice session. I told her that I was going to apply different instruments of *** and discomfort to her arse and she would tell me the feeling from a measurement of one to ten. I did the first obvious check on her pussy and felt her dampness down there. After a number of whips, floggers, paddled were applied, I finished with my own personal favourite, the flick sticks. She winced more with those because I applied them to her arse, her inner and outer thighs, her groin and her breasts.

That was our session completed and I told her that sex would be introduced a few sessions in, my pleasure first. She would be sexually teased and satisfied at a later stage.

Good girl I said to her while she was getting into her car, satisfied that she would be my sub for as long as she wanted.
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