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Summer rain


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Warm summer nights were always her favorite, especially when it rained. This one was no different. They agreed to me up at the river; after talking for weeks about everything they could think of. She was a bit nervous. She wondered if he would actually show or if he would ghost her like so many had before. She arrived a little early to calm her nerves and familiarize herself with the surroundings. Just in case


She sat on the hood of the car wearing just a sun dress and flip flops. No make up, no underwear, no bra. Just a dress. Headlights shown through the trees and she stood up. She could feel the warm summer rain drops meandering down her skin. He pulled up next to her and opened his door. She Smiled. they didn't feel the need to talk as they had already texted so much. he grabbed a blanket from the back seat and closed the door. the sound echoed through the trees. she grabbed his hand and led him down a path towards the water. upon reaching the bank he opened the blanket and laid it out expecting to have to sit on it. she had other plans however.


 She immediately took off her dress and headed towards the rushing water. "are you coming" she asked breaking the silence that had settled. "yes" he stammered. He stripped off his shorts and shirt and followed her to the water. she was already waste deep and as soon as his feet hit the water she let herself fall backwards and let the water develop her. he made his way towards Her. The water colder than he expected. she looked towards him and said "you wanna play Marco Polo I'll go 1st"

 She closed her eyes and began to whisper "marco" she could hear "polo" closer to the shore so she moved slowly towards him "Marco" "Polo" it was getting closer "Marco" "Polo" he was merely a few feet away now "marco" "polo" it was directly in front of her she could feel his hands slowly cupping her breasts he kissed her and pushed his body closer to hers

 She could feel the bulge between her legs and put one hand under the water to grab on to his cock. He reached one hand behind her and gripped her ass Then slowly made his way with his fingers to her pussy and began to finger her She pushed his body towards the shore and had him sit on the edge of the water and began to suck his cock He moaned And pulled her up He made her sit on him and she could feel all of his length inside of her She began to ride his cock right there on the edge of the water in the rain.

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