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Why I love facesitting/queening. [14 Reasons]


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I apologise for the writing format I’ll be using for this writing but it’s something i’m so passionate about that my mind just brain farts and I struggle to pick all of the things I want to say about it.

But anyway, here’s a few of my reasons why I love facesitting. I also apologise if I switch between writing in first and third person, but for context… I only enjoy receiving this kink.

1. You could choose to sit absolutely anywhere, but the fact you want to use my face? It’s an honour.

2. Facesitting is a kink to me like oxygen is to my lungs.

3. It’s very full on. Almost overwhelmingly so in fact.

4. Gravity is basically bringing us together in a symbolic way with you being on top.

5. Feeling the full pressure against your face as the oxygen is temporarily cut off is intoxicating. Followed by the incredible view for a brief few seconds whilst the weight is lifted to allow a few breaths before darkness again as the weight is pressed back down and your face is now deeper.

6. Feeling two thighs pressing against your cheeks. If you have bigger thighs, this is where you can really get some good use out of them!

7. If it’s naked facesitting you get the easiest access to perform oral on either holes. The person on top can control the situation very easily with their movement (grinding for example)

8. Speaking of the control, they have access to do things to pass the time whilst they’re on top. Squeezing the nipples, teasingly tracing their fingers up and down your body, digging their nails into your chest as you get them closer to ecstasy. Not forgetting all of the access to the very *** penis.

9. The confidence alone to use a face as a seat is incredibly hot to me.

10. The scent, taste, anticipation.

11. The primal nature of being overpowered or pinned down. Especially if it’s a breathplay scene where one side is trying to fight for every breath allowed whilst the other party is doing everything in their power to get firmly back on top.

12. Feeling the body twitching when being close to an orgasm, all of the hard work paying off.
Being able to clean up an orgasm instantly, especially if this person is a squirter. There’s nothing sexier than having a donut glazed face from facesitting, or hearing the juices smothering your face whilst grinding is taking place.


14. Not only is it psychologically empowering for the giver, but it can very much be physically empowering too.

I know a lot of people out there worry about suffocating their partners but I promise you, as long as you set some kinds of boundaries (tapping your thigh when they need to breathe for example) nothing can go wrong. I’ve had slim or curvier people sit on my face and it felt just as amazing let me tell you. Also, you can use your weight… I promise you their face won’t smash the second you take a seat, if you’re anxious then just lower yourself down nice and slowly. It’s best done on a bed in my opinion because you can use the wall or bed frame to hold onto to give yourself that extra balance whilst on top.

I really could write about this for much longer but it gets me all flustered so I’m going to leave it at this for now.

Thank you for reading though!
Love this. It’s gorgeous to hear experiences from the sub perspective 💜💜💜
26 minutes ago, DommeDelight said:
Love this. It’s gorgeous to hear experiences from the sub perspective 💜💜💜

Some might call me a fanatic maybe, I just find it beautiful giving pleasure whilst receiving a skincare routine in return 🤣

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Incredible! You have pretty much explained all the reasons why I'm obsessed with facesitting as well. 

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