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The Dream

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The dream:

You bathed me, dried me off, massaged me, oiled me down. Caressed, licked, squeezed and sucked on my nipples, legs, and clit. Then you proceeded to fill my mouth and throat with your cock til I choked, until I open and took you deep, with spit dripping from my chin, you proceeded to suck my clit til my body trembled..........with a butt plug going in and out loosening up my ass. 

You turned me around and pounded out my pussy, those beautiful lusty green eyes staring into mine, til I shook and orgasmed over and over, I screamed your name as I continued to shake. Once I was nice and dripping wet, you made your way to stretching my ass. You went into a frenzy and my body was arched to take you fully, my breasts were tight and pebbled. 

Panting and screaming for more while you were pounding me so hard, you gripped my hips to keep me up, as we orgasmed together.

As I felt your last twitch, another orgasm slammed me so hard I could no longer stay up and collapsed with you on top. As you turned us on our side, while you were still inside me, we struggled to breath normally and fell asleep with our legs entangled together.

  • 2 weeks later...

I love the end bit 


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