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Who owns these balls? - Part 1


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‘I have a proposal for you..’ read the message from mistress. ‘Go on..’ I replied.
‘As you haven’t cum for two weeks, I’m going to give you the chance to earn it. But you need to prove to me that those balls are full and sensitive enough to need to be emptied.
When I come home, I want you stood in front of the bed, fully naked. Then I will explain further.’
‘Yes mistress’ I replied.
Just before the time I knew she would be home, I did as mistress said and removed all my clothes, standing naked at the bottom of the bed.
As I heard her open the front door and climb the stairs, the excitement and anticipation started to build, and my cock grew slightly harder.
‘Good boy’ said mistress. ‘Do you need to cum?’
‘I don’t need to cum mistress. But I would like to, but only on your terms.’ I replied.
‘Good boy’, said mistress, as her hand slowly worked its way teasingly down towards my cock. As she gave it just one slow gentle stroke, my whole body shook as I let out a moan of pleasure.
‘Ohh it is very sensitive and desperate isn’t it?’ said mistress. As she gave it just three more strokes until my cock was rock hard.
‘Good. Now that’s out the way, spread your legs. I’m going to kick you in the balls. If you can stay standing for 10 seconds after the kick, I will be your personal sex slave for an hour for you to use as you please and cum as many times as you like.
As much as I knew this was an unlikely challenge to win, the need to cum was too great not to try. I spread my legs, as mistress took two steps back, and practiced her aim, very gently having her foot touch my balls with each practice aim so she knew exactly where to kick.
After four or so practice aims, she delivered a very hard kick, with the hard toe of her converse shoe directly contacting both balls with great force. The thought of trying to stand up after such a hard kick did not even cross my mind, as I instantly crumpled onto the bed, clutching my balls and writhing in agony, making that low pitched groan as the agonising ache set deep in my balls.
Mistress left me moaning and writhing for what felt like minutes, when in reality it was only about 20 seconds, before kneeling next to me on the bed. ‘Aww, that looks like it really hurts. I guess those little ballsies of yours are more sensitive than normal. Oh well, no cumming for you as you didn’t stay standing. Remember though you can try as many times as you like today, so are you going to stand up and have another go? Surely it doesn’t hurt as much next time if they are already this sore?’
All I could do was moan and wait for the pain to subside enough for me to stand up and present my balls for another attempt at completing this challenge.
Mistress stood back up at the end of the bed. ‘Ready when you are..’ she said.
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