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Castle Play 2

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On our last night of the trip we went to dinner and then danced. It was still early when we headed back to the hotel.

Sitting on the lounge pouting,
Daddy came up behind me and tied a blindfold across my eyes...I knew not to question Daddy.

He walked us out the front door of the hotel to his rented sports car. We didn't talk for the whole ride.

The air changes.

We stop and I hear music and people talking.

He helps me out of the car.

I know where we are.

We go through the door and my blindfold is taken off.

The castle...we enter the main room. Daddy has his hand possively at my waist. We joined his business partners.

I have to go potty...the thought of what went on down the stairs called to me.

I made a beeline through the curtains and down the stairs.

I heard the screams and moans.

All the doors had small grated windows.

I snuck up to the first door and peeked in....there was a woman chained to a pole with her back exposed, pink welts cris crossed it. Legs wet with cum. She was screamed and wreathing as another stroke of the whip came across her skin.

I snuck up to the next one.
I heard a man groan. The woman kneeling, wrists tied at the small of her back, deep throating a large man wearing a a black leather mask. He grabbed her hair, pulled her up, turned her around and rammed his cock inside her as he turned and looked at me.

I ran and hid in a dark corner hoping he would not come after me. 

Where are you Daddy?


Another very erotic part to this story! I can't wait to see part 3.

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