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Clown and WAM fetishes

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Hello everyone, I'm new here.
I've always (meaning roughly from the age of 4,5-5) had a clown fetish, I have no idea how it got there, I just remember myself pleasing myself thinking I was a clown or thinking about clowns. Then it was a matter of time that I started liking WAM/splosh. because it's silly and it kinda makes sense for a clown to get messy, right?
If I think hard about it, I suppose I like that you can be very carefree if you are not yourself, being a clown allows you to be very silly. In my life I hate looking or considered to be silly, getting humiliated or being too slutty. As a clown I am ok with all those things, it's "whatever goes". I also like the idea of transformation and that goes for both myself and others, as I enjoy those fetishes in a receiving and giving setting.
An ideal setting for me would be 2 (at least) clowns looking ridiculous, wearing very heavy makeup that covers as much skin as possible, teasing each other and stuffing toys in each other, then getting messy with custard pies and gunge, then stripping slowly to continue teasing and humiliating each other, something that would result in steamy sex or mutual masturbation. I can't explain why but I find this weird setting especially kinky and arousing.
Yet, it's very very niche. It's hard enough finding people to talk about WAM, let alone people into clowns, then there's the extra difficulty of me being a trans man (no trans woman, yes, we exist :P ) and finding people near my area.
I think the main problem is mostly that some people find clowns intimidating or scary. I was never into scary clowns (I mean, I like them, like The Joker or Pennywise, but I don't think they do it for me), it's the humiliating ridiculousness that I enjoy looking at (in others and myself).
I am not sure why I am writing this, I just think these are interesting fetishes and I am curious about how people think about them, ever liked anything similar? How do you cope with you being (mostly) the only one enjoying something?

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Hi FtMClownSlut,

I am also new here, and I think that this is really very interesting what you write ! You are not alone with your fantasies. My clown fetish started at the age of approximately 14 when I felt pleased by the idea of converting myself into a clown or looking like a clown. A little later I started ***ting my face. Meanwhile I have got several perfect clown outfits that allow me to vary my appearance. But I prefer friendly and sweet looking clowns instead of those scary ones. Like you I like thick and intense makeup with a total coverage of my face, 3 layers or more is best. Later on I became a great fan of body***ting. Until now I have been ***ted 25 times head to toe for different occasions, e.g. parties, street parades or club visits. Again when getting ***ted total coverage of every inch of my body including genitals and bum is a must. It is a very exciting experience to go to the public and to see people`s reactions when I am in my body***t. Instead of body***ting I also feel attracted by WAM, getting messy with mud, marshmallow cream or pies. In fact I do not understand why everyone calls this a "fetish", this sounds so negative. For me it is just the fancyful, childish, colourful and crazy part of myself. I am not average, the normal and a bit boring way is not enough for me. Like you I think that dressing up and changing my identity allows me to feel free, to do things with less pressure and more playfully, thus enjoing myself and the reactions of others. But I also agree with you that I am mostly alone with these fantasies. It has never been easy to share them with somebody. What do you think ? I am waiting for your response.


makeupmaniac, I was starting to think I was on my own, haha
Thanks for replying, indeed those things are especially difficult to share.
I've never tried full body ***ting, as I cant do it on my own, but I think about it often and it's a very appealing thought.
Scary clowns dont do it for me either, I prefer friendly and ridiculous


Sure you could do body***ting on your own, except your back, of course. I ***ted my body completely several times before I asked a professional artist. I found that experience very stimulating, and I masturbated every time when I saw me in the ***t, as you can guess. (lol). Just trie, it is great.

I am very new here and I have not posted any photo yet. I will do that later, but I do not want to be recognized easily.

Let me ask you: Did you ever bring your phantasies to life ? Did you ever have a meeting with another clown ? Did you ever have a clown gathering or something ? Did you ever have a pie fight ? Did you ever go to the public in your clown costume ? Your ideas are very exciting. And I like your makeup very much !


Oh, I have tried, but I would like to experience complete coverage and I couldnt do that haha
Unfortunately, I have only managed to clown on my own and get messy on my own, but maybe I'll manage to meet a clown friend soon. Hopefully we'll have some good pie fight fun.
I have dressed up as a clown before but it was for a party and because it was public it wasnt that exciting for me, the sexy magic was gone, I guess I am a bit shy when it comes to the public, I wish it wasn't like that. Thank you for your good words! :)


Yes, I am a bit shy, too. I know that. But I loose my shyness when I go to the street in body***t, for example. That is very exciting. And I always get a lot of very positive feedback, people want photos with me and they are very happy and friendly when they see me. Well, on my foto you don't see me as a clown, but a cow ! I think this is nice and ridiculous at the same time.

Well, the idea of a clown meeting as well as a pie fight among clowns is exciting for me. Sure I do not know if you would ever accept a man, and I do not live in your neighborhood.

But we can stay in contact and chat sometimes..... I would appreciate that.


I have no issue with gender and it's always always great talking to fellow clown enthusiasts! Especially if we have such similar interests :)

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Mind if i join in the chat ? 

I am very similar to both of you , reguarding clowns and pieing , be nice to be able to chat with others of same enjoyment .

I have dabbled with this with a partner but she wasnt as into it so it wasnt as good as it could have been , pieing body was good but she couldnt bring herself to pie my face or let me splat her face .

I tend to let my imagination run with it more than dress up n self pie , begining to think i should be writing some of these storys down n let others enjoy . I would love for  my body to be ***ted  , i find it so relaxing and nice when ive had my face ***ted befor so having my whole body done would be awesome .

I have been a clown for  fancy dress partys a couple of times , just love going out in full clown costume ,make up wig etc ,i get to  be the silly clown i would love to be but nobodys pied me as yet :(

i did get a few comments saying ooh i love your make up , costume etc ,which made me feel so good .



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May I join the thread.  I have intense clown and jester fantasies!  I would love to share them!


Hi. Just reconfirm your access. Please do not leave fast without trying....

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