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In the wood


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Within a few minutes there is a roaring fire lighting the clearing with flickering burst, you can feel the warmth emanating from it.

I turn to you, I walk around you and kiss your neck and shoulders from behind, briefly stopping to whisper in your ear "baby girl you are stunning". I lift your hair and nibble gently on you ear for a few moments before returning to your neck and shoulders. I whisper in your ear "baby girl I understand you have been naughty" and the naughty I suddenly clench your tight arse. You gasp but don't know how to respond so just nod your head. "I thought so, you need to be punished".I unzip your dress, pull it over you shoulders lower it and keep you hips and let it drop to the floor. There you are, standing in this clearing in just your lacy bra and knickers, you are feeling *** and can feel the cooling summer air and the heat from the fire on you skin. The slight breeze sending a few goosebumps to show, the anticipation of what is about to happen is sending tingles throughout your body. You watch me go over to the boot of my car and get two lengths of rope out, my god what are you going to do with me?I tie one end of one of the ropes around your wrist, firmly but not too tight. "Follow me" and I pull you past the fire and under a thick branch of a tree. "Face the fire" which you obediently do. I throw the rope over the branch, I tie the other rope to your wrist and throw that over the branch. I disappear behind you, you are now sure what is going to happen when the ropes pull tight and lift you until you are on tip toes, your whole body is now tense and tight. I tie the ropes off and go back to the boot of the car returning with a blindfold and ball gag. The ball gag is put in place first followed by the blindfold. You are now having to rely on your other senses, you hear me walk away, presumably to the car, you can feel the warmth from the fire on your front, and the slightly chilly breeze on your back.You hear my footsteps rustling the grass as a get closer, you feel my hands touch you waist and up to you breast, rubbing firmly over your nipples and then back down your side to your bum. I squeeze hard and you gasp and I nead each cheek before gripping your knickers and pulling them hard upwards until they are wedged firmly between your cheeks. You feel something rubbing against your nipple through the lace of your bra, then it gently strikes you - a riding crop....

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