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Daddy's Girl's Ropes and Rules

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Your legs are spread wide apart, your ankles tied to the bed frame. Your arms are also bound, the ropes keeping them securely behind your back. With your head and tits pressed into the bedsheets, you can barely see me as I take in your delicious curves with my eyes; your perfect ass just begging for a spanking, your narrow waist begging to be held tight when I thrust my hard cock inside you, your tantalizing shoulder blades, and of course that oh-so-eager freshly-shaven pussy. Everywhere on your body below the neck is smooth and soft, exactly how I like it, exactly how I told you to keep it.
I take a step closer and place my hand firmly on the top of your back, close to your neck. I feel your body tense as I let my finger trace a line down your spine, slowly and deliberately, watching as goosebumps rise on your skin. I don't stop as I reach your ass crack and let my finger tease your perky pink butthole before finally reaching your dripping wet pussy. It's hot and ready, begging for my next move.
"Who does this pussy belong to?", I drag my greedy hand across your wet heat, feeling your slickness coating my skin. My fingers work in circles, teasing and tantalizing you as I drive you wild with desire.
"You, Daddy", there is no doubt in your voice, only raw passion and sexiness. You're practically begging me to take you, and I can feel the heat radiating off of your body. 
"Good", I give it a gentle slap that draws a quiet yelp out of you
"And who does this asshole belong to?", I ask after moving my now wet fingers higher up your crack and pressing the tip of my thumb into your well-trained butt.
"You, Daddy"
"Good", I don't pull out of your ass right away, instead I drive my finger even deeper until it's completely lodged inside your hot, tight ass. I slide it around, feeling the incredible tightness around my finger and savouring the control I have over your body.
"Mmmmm", like a good anal slut, you moan and groan, letting me know that my fingers playing with your tight asshole is bringing you intense pleasure. I can tell by the way your body quivers and your breathing grows heavy. You love it when I tease and tantalize your tight hole.
"Remember slut, unless I allow it, you're not allowed to cum tonight, do you understand?", I'm thrusting my thumb in and out of your tight backdoor, fucking it relentlessly. You moan in pleasure as I do, your body trembling with anticipation for more.
"Yes, Daddy".
"And if you do? What happens then?", my left hand joins in, roughly grabbing and massaging your luscious left buttcheek. I can't get enough of your perfect ass - it's begging for my touch. I'm squeezing and kneading it like dough, feeling its curves beneath my fingertips.
"I will be punished, Daddy".
SLAP - my left hand leaves a burning red mark on your pale skin
"Thank you, Daddy", You remember our rules—anytime I spank or slap you, you gotta thank me. You can't see my face but I'm sure you know the naughty grin that's on it. You do exactly as I say and you know it.

I pull out of you and take a step back, reaching for my bag. I pull out a whip and a vibrating wand that's sure to make you quiver. I trace the whip across your skin, teasing it in an opposite direction to my fingers before.
"What am I going to do to you, little slut?"
"You're going to whip me, Daddy", The whip is now back by my side, and you can almost feel the anticipation of what’s about to happen. I take a practice swing, the air moving and the sound of it sending a shiver down your spine. 
"How many times should I whip you?", the instrument of *** and pleasure cuts through the air again.
"...10 times... each cheek", for the first time tonight your answer doesn't come out immediately.
"Are you sure?", you know what my question actually means.
"...20... please make it 20, Daddy", I smile to myself again. I would have been happy with 15 but you wanted to please me.
"Good girl",
The whip snaps against your left asscheek, leaving a perfect line. I put a decent amount of strength behind the swing, but I know you can take more than this - it's just a warm-up. You let out a gasp, and your body tenses with anticipation as you wait for the next strike.
"Thank you", you follow the rules like a good girl.
The right cheek receives a similar treatment.
"Thank you"
I watch as each strike leaves a vivid pink line on your skin, making me harder with every moan of pleasure that escapes your lips. Your fists clench tighter with each impact, and my arousal intensifies.
"Aaah! Thank you!", I have swang 20 times in total now, we're halfway there.

I take pause and press my hand firmly against your pussy, feeling your heat radiating through my palm. I can feel your slickness as I slide my fingers over your heated flesh, and you moan in pleasure as I tantalize you with my touch.
"It's wet, it's soaking wet.", I can also see the juices dripping down your thighs, "Does it excite you, slut?", I grab the vibrator and dialling it to the medium setting press it against your aroused cunt.
"Aaaaaah! Yes! Yes, it does, Daddy!", Your moans become louder as you grind your needy clit against the toy, desperate for more pleasure. Your panting is getting faster as your arousal builds, and you can't help but moan out a filthy request for more.
"What does, slut?", my arm is steady, the device providing you with heavenly joy.
"Mmmmm, how you hurt me, Daddy. How you train me to be your perfect slut... Aaaah! How much control you have.. Mmmm"
I keep the toy on your pussy, my other arm massaging your reddening ass. You let out a deep moan, the sound of the mechanical toy in the background like a melody. Your moans become louder, your breathing more ragged. You can't help but show your pleasure with your toes curling and fingers clenching.
"Daddy, I will cum soon. Can I cum?"
I don't entertain you with an answer, torturing you with uncertainty.
"Daddy! Please, can I?", the wand always brings you close to the edge very quickly
"Resist it", my answer is stern and decisive
"...Yes, Daddy", I can hear both disappointment and excitement in your voice.
I watch as you struggle to hold back, fighting the pleasure as your nails dig into the tender flesh of your palms. Your moans get louder and louder as the toy ravishes you, pushing you closer and closer to the brink of ecstasy. You're panting, trying to resist the pleasure that's coursing through your body, but I know it's a losing battle. 
"Daddy, Daddy... I... I", but before it happens, before you're sent over the edge I pull the toy away.
Your dripping wet pussy is aching for attention, begging to be touched and pleasured. Its pinkness is shining with your arousal, desperate for something to satisfy it.

I give you about a minute to collect yourself before pressing the toy against your pussy again.
"Oh my.. thank you, Daddy!"
This time I use my left hand to spank your ass, adding *** to the mixture. 
"Oh yes, Daddy, soo good", my pants are so tight, and my cock is throbbing with desire as I watch you struggle to contain the pleasure that's taking over your body.
"Daddy, I'm...", getting to the edge takes no time at all this time, and just like last time I move the toy away, denying you at the last second, just when you're about to break our filthy rules.

Once again I give you a moment to come to your senses but this time I put the wand away and pick up the whip again.
"Aaaaaah! Thank you!", the yelp is that much louder as you weren't expecting it. 
I add another one in quick succession and watch as your legs struggle against the confines. 
"Aaaaah! Oooooww.. Thank you", at this point, I'm using a substantial amount of *** and the red lines drawn on your skin linger much longer.
"..Oooowie.. aaah.. thank you", the last 40th swing hits your body. Your ass is now striped like a barcode from being whipped. Each stroke of the whip will be etched into your memory for days, and you'll feel the sting every time you sit down.
"I'm proud of you, sexy girl", I take my time as I massage your hot, red ass. My hands move slowly over your skin, exploring every inch of it. My lips follow my hands, planting wet kisses all over your burning flesh. I devour your body with my tongue and lips, worshipping each and every curve.

"Here, let me make it up to you. If you survive for 1 minute with the wand without cumming, I'll give you permission to do it with no repercussions".
I press the toy's head firmly against your clit and switch it back to the medium setting.
"60 seconds", I can see you struggling to contain yourself, your legs trembling as you desperately try to move your sensitive clit away from me. But you know there's no way you can escape my touch. I'm gonna make you cum harder than you ever have before.
"30 seconds", your hands clenched so tight I thought your nails were gonna draw ***. 
"20 seconds", I can see it's difficult. You were on the verge of cumming before, the whipping just pushing you closer and closer to explosive pleasure. Your body was screaming for release, begging for that final push that would make your orgasm rip through you like a thunderbolt.
"10 seconds", looks like you may make it... However, some sadistic part of me doesn't want it to happen and so the wand's setting gets switched to the highest one.
"Aaaaaah?!", I can sense the feeling of betrayal in your moan.
"Mmmmm.. Goooood"
"So close..."
"Daddy, so close..."
"I can't..."
"3", and as I say that I push my thumb into your asshole
No need to say a word as your body starts quivering, overwhelmed by the mightiest orgasm I've witnessed. I keep pressing the vibrator against your throbbing pussy as your screams echo in the room.
"OH God! Oh Daddy Fuuuuuuck... I'm cumming... so hard!", Your legs strain against the ropes, your pussy drips down the toy and your muscles tense up. You push your head deeper into the bedsheets as I watch your cunt pulse and throb. I finally remove the vibrating device, but your pleasure isn't over yet.

I grip your dyed locks tightly and tug your head back, bringing my lips close to your ear. 
"You were 2 seconds short, you naughty little whore. Couldn't even keep your cunt from cumming for 1 minute. You know what that means, right?", from this close I can see you still fighting for your breath after the orgasm.
"A... punishment"
I finally untie you and let you stretch your limbs before flipping you onto your back. Your dyed hair is a wild, chaotic mess and your tits are glistening with a thin layer of sweat. Your nipples are rock hard and standing at attention, begging to be sucked.
"I want you to bend your knees and create a letter M with your legs. Next, grab your ankles", you have no idea what kind of punishment I have in store for you, but you follow my orders like a good slut, eager to experience all the naughty things I have planned.

Your legs are spread wide open, your juicy pussy just begging for my attention. My eyes locked with yours, I can feel your anticipation as I approach.
"I'm going to spank your pussy. Hard. 5 times. Do not let go of your ankles and as always thank me after each spank. Do you understand?"
"...Yes, Daddy"
I let my hand linger on your wet pussy as I feel your heat radiating from it. I can sense your trembling anticipation as I raise my hand above you before quickly swinging it down, sending three fingers and my palm to connect with your slick cunt with a loud, wet slap. You instinctively push your knees together.
"Ooooow!", your hands don't lose their hold on your legs, "Thank you"
You are ready this time but it doesn't hurt any less. 
"Thank you!"
I barely give you any time to recover.
"Thank you!"
"Aaaah!", when you pulled your knees together it almost looked like you were going to let go of your ankles but you didn't fail me
"Time for the last one"
I lift my hand and spank your pussy hard, my middle finger landing directly on your clit. You gasp and instinctively reach down to massage your sensitive bits, but your nipples remain hard and your pussy is wet from the arousal.
"Good girl".

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