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Chocolate Delight


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My biggest weakness is a busty and curvy black woman.  Thick lips, great smile, curves for days and a huge rack.

Cali was all that with 38Es and a total slut for tan professional Daddy's.

I loved the way she wrapped her tits around my cock and sucked on the head. Sloppy titty fucking blowjob would make my cock explode all over her.

I could feed her anything.

He head hung off the edge of the bed and she was naked rubbing her pussy.

I walked up and fed her my cock. Making her swallow all of me. No gagging. Suction. Tightness. I grabbed her throat and squeezed.

I rubbed my cock on her face.

I feel her my balls. Both of them in her mouth sucking on them, stroking my cock while I rubbed her tits and pinched  her nipples.

I moved forward and her tongue went straight into my ass. She spread my cheeks and her tongue went in deep. Rubbing the tip of my cock on her nipple.

She licked and sucked my ass.

I moved her down and got on top of her. Cock between her massive tits. Wrapped around me. I pushed them together and rubbed her nipples with my thumbs while I grinded my cock between her huge chocolate mounds.

Feeding her my cock with every stroke. She sucked on the head hard. Every few strokes I would feed her my whole cock, then back to fucking those huge mounds.

When I couldn't hold it anymore, I grabbed my cock and strokes.

She pushed her huge tits together, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.

I shot my huge creamy load all over her huge black tits, thick pink tongue, and pretty face 

Daddy made a huge mess.

I fed her my cock to suck out the rest of my load.

She smiled. Thank you Daddy.

Black women with big tits are one of my biggest weakness actually nah black worn are my weakness
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