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Do Not Move pt3

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On my knees feeling you tremble, the anticipation of our first meet surfacing, it has been running through your veins for weeks and now it now has a release. You adjust your self I open your thigh and spank the inner sensitive part. Do not move I growl.


Using my teeth to grip your panties, I tug to lower, my mouth, nose and breath passing over you. You glisten in the night unable to hide your pleasure.

I open your legs slightly, my tongue running down your valley, exploring slowly and purposefully. My lips stop at your erect hood, standing proud wanting to be touched.

My lips clamp around it gently, sucking slowly, my tongue flicking slowly coaxing your clit out to play. You let out a moan and move. 

I slap your thigh again, Do Not Move I declare looking up at you. 

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