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Soccer Morning

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Daddy left early to soccer practice this morning but let me sleep in. It's raining so I know he is going to be cold and wet.

I hear the front door open. I crack my eyes open as he walks across the bedroom towards the bathroom. Daddy was soaked from the rain.

Waiting until he was in the bathroom and hearing the shower come on, I snuck out of bed and went to the shower. I slowly opened the door and slid in with my breasts against his back. 

Wrapping my arms around his waist I slid my hand down to his cock. I start sliding my hand up and down....it doesn't take long before his shaft grows stiff. I continue to pump. I reach under and play with his balls with one hand and continue to slide up and down with the other.

Daddy groans and grabs my hand and pulls me around to the front of him. I look up and smile.

He grabs my other hand and pins them above my head. With one hand holding both wrists, his other slides down my body, across my stomach down even farther. Our eyes never lose contact.

He could feel the heat from me I'm so wet for him.

He slides his middle finger into me and pumps in and out. Then another joins the first. He does it more, curling his fingers to rub my deeper. My body is moving to the rhythm of his fingers. Breath hitching with every thrust. His thumb rubs my clit. My hips grinding fir more.

He withdraws his fingers, as I frown in disappointment. His other hand releases one wrist and turns me towards the shower wall. Breasts pushed against the it. Taking the wall position as he pulls my hips out moves my legs farther apart with his.

He started caressing my arse and then a slap landed on my right cheek. Gasping, as he continues to alternate between them. Then he stops as I'm sobbing against the wall.

He grabs my hip with one hand, using the other to guide his cock into my wet and waiting pussy.

He slams into me as I cry out from the impact. He slides out and slams again and again until I can't take it anymore.

Daddy please!!

Not yet.

He pulls almost completely out and slams into me deep and hard. Pushing down on my hips feeling him swell and shoot his cum deep and long. He leaned over and whispered in my ear.

'Cum for me. Now.' then bites down on the juncture of my neck and shoulder.

I scream and I shake as spasms ripple through my body. I was breathing so fast I started to hyperventilate. I start to collapse as he grabs me and kisses me and helps me to breathe. My breathing starts to even out.

He smiles down and me. I smile back, as he wraps his arms around me. Making me feel safe and loved.

The best daughter <3
I'd love a daughter like that
Love for my daughter to pleasure me that way. I sent u a message Waiting for a response
Great little read 📚

A well written and wonderfully erotic story about a Little sub and her Daddy Dom.

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