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Bite if the Primal ( true story)

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We meet in a wooded area my favourite habitat. You are caught, submission in your eyes. Your heart racing struggling to keep eye contact with me.

Knees I growl, you can not help yourself , you instantly kneel on the soft wooded floor. The wind whistling around the trees, sunlight seemingly putting you in the spot light.


I unzip slowly, building anticipation. Pulling your hair you open your mouth willingly. With *** my tip travels through your mouth to your throst, pushing down, throat swelling. 


Gagging with the shock, sightly emvarrassed as you drool, i tske your head and hold it to the base of my shaft. Taking full cintrol.


Stand i tell you, you want my marking I enquire. Yes please Sir you whimper. I rip your white blouse open, pulling bra down to reveal your heavy, flesh breasts. I sink my teeth in to one breast. Feeling the underskin crack in my mouth, biting hard erect at yiur scream. Your eyes alive and owned


  • 2 weeks later...

i had a Dom say the exact same thing to me only marking me meant marking me wiv his scent and giving me a golden shower. he use to love doing it b4 he sent me out fucking other people. horny read xx

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