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**TW** Forced Orgasm Pt2

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**Trigger Warning** Reason: Knife Play


Lying there eyes glazed over, yoout body now in control. Your moans fill the room with sound. Turning religious you turn to God, moans his name over and over.

I lie next to sensually playing with your erect nipples with my mouth. The wand tied to your inner thigh, medium setting keeping the intensity to your pussy. My lips clasp around your nipple, sucking slowly, then the suction stretching your nipple slowly. Holding the suction I flick your nipple with my tounge. Electric shocks running through your body, we are only just starting and I count number 3 from you.

Sucking your nipple harder I clamp it with my teeth, the break from pleasure with a short sharp pain. I clamp harder with my teeth, flicking ferociously with my tounge.


I move to between your legs, taking my blade you feel the cold steel to your hip bone as I cut your panties off, a soggy mess to be thrown to the floor, the wand now on your sensitive skin. Yoiur moans louder I catch number 4 and mark it on your breast keeping count.

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