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Legend of Myst pt 2 ( first fantasy writting )

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Legend of Myst pt 2


The night is only a few hours old the men, empty, used lying around our greedy witch. She snarls how dare you rest with me.


You are here to worship me she screams, click of her fingers a ginger pale, man uncut cock twitching, knees behind her. His tounge reaching to lick her tight rose bud, sliding in she moans, the wet tounge opening her, pushing on to it she screams in delight. Click another two walk forward dazed, roughly caressing her pert breasts, nails digging in her realeasing the pleasure and *** she craves. Cum dripping from her in to the mouth of the eager arse oral giver.


She looks around the men my turn to show you real pleasure and ***, the lip biting changing to a snarl, the eyes wide open. 


One click and vines secure the young men rigidly, unsble to move removing her spell from them. Most look confused and frightened. But one man 5ft 9 stocky build is erect she smiles you are the kinky one.


Walking along each one in turn, nails scrating from their empty balls, up the twinging chafts to their sensitive tips. Squeezing their balls tight, twisting waiting for the yelps.


Biting each nipple, while her nails mark their man hoods. Licking her finger violatkng their virgin arses,  hitting every spot until each one cums, staining the sand with creamy fluid, their friends ***d to watch.


Daylight approaches, Myst ecapourates with the mist over the lake. The men used vow never to speak of her again.

Climatic ending to your story you are very talented writer. I really enjoyed your spinning of tale.
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