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Call it Lucky

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O, how I love thee, let me count the ways
What, I do not love you, your head is a maze

Your curves, words, drive me demented
Dude, even your clothes are rented

If you stay, I'll give you the world, diamonds and pearls
Boring, I orgasm more talking to my girls

Choke, Slut, this is why I do not open up to you
Gasp, Daddy, you know this is what you get when you do

Stick out your tongue Whore, pluck
Oooh Daddy, that's goes straight to my clit, now let fuck

No, I'm tired of these games with you Slut
Gasp Daddy, for one last time, put it in my butt

Tighten, you said all this before
Gaassp, Daddy do this while in my back door

Release, Slut, after this we are over
Daddy, stop lying, you're here 31 days a year like a 4-leaf clover
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