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My fate in his hands


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My fate in his hands


Be good Sir says 

But isn’t being bad more fun 

I can’t help but think

Be better behaved please 

I think to myself 

I’ll only get into trouble 

But maybe he’s bluffing 

I could talk my way out of trouble 

Or I could flirt or tease 

Push it too far 

And perhaps Sir forgets 

That his little girl is a brat 

Smiling prettily as I push boundaries 

Hoping I get away with something 

Sure that one day I’ll be across his knee 

When I’m meant to behave 

I’ll decide pushing it is more fun 

Then I’ll be taking my spanking 

Like the good girl I’m meant to be 

Instead of the brat 

That’s usually better behaved 

But now and again I’m bratty 

Wondering if Sir will demand I behave 

Or let it slide just this once 

Cock or paddle he says 

Choose which one you prefer 

Shit, I better behave 

While I’ve got time 

To not get in trouble 

But being a brat is too much fun 

The look on Sirs face 

Reminds me he disapproves 

Of my bratty behaviour 

So once again I behave 

My face flushed 

After being told off by Sir 

Determined to behave 

But I’m forever testing the boundaries 

Checking they are still there 

Have they moved an inch or two 

Or have they stayed the same

Sir never tolerates brattiness

Never forgets to put me in my place

So I try and behave well,

But the brat In me makes me brazen

I have truly never allowed myself to Sub in any way due to before, due to my true nature. However, reading this post has me thinking, there is a brat in me somewhere. 😈

Thank tou for the smile thisnbrought to my face. 🤗

I think this is amazing

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