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Xena Cum Dump Princess


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Xena Cum Dumpster Princess

This is a work in progress I had in mind from one of my favorite Xena episodes The Debt and The Debt Part 2 and my first sex idol, Xena Warrior Princess. It takes either during the first part of the story or as an alternate ending, I haven't quite decided which yet. Enjoy


Xena is taken to a dark and dank stone room, led by the large stock around her neck. She is stripped completely naked, her shapely form covered from head to toe in some sort of dark paste used to obfuscate her body in the darkness. Her long hair is slicked back from emerging from the water outside the Great Wall. Her pubic mound is mottled from the water and paste. The guards assigned to her would occasionally grab and squeeze her firm round ass cheeks roughly along the way, eliciting a grunt of shame and anger as her posterior was fondled. Upon arriving to her cell the guards would slowly remove the stocks and proceed to knock the once mighty warrior to her knees with a blow to the back of her head from a heavy sap. Xena let out of a sharp cry of *** as she quickly slumped to her knees before sliding down on the hard stone floor resulting in a head-down-ass-up position.
One of the guards laughed sadistically at the once mighty warrior's ***, "HA! Head down ass up; the only 'proper' position for a WHORE like you!" He mocked as he kicked her savagely square in her ass cheeks, causing her to splay out spread eagle on her face on the floor. They then roughly lifted the defeated warrioress' body up by her limbs and set her up in a spread eagle sitting position where they would proceed to finger her mouth, asshole, and cunt; and grope her privates without mercy.

"HA! Look at this slutty, knotty, crotch forest she's got! I've never seen such a bushy cunt before! We might have to shave this stupid foreign bitch before this is all over!" One of the soldier's pawing her pussy said as he violently groped her cunt and pulled at her mass of pubes. She grunted in shock and revulsion as one of the men prodded her tight little pucker. "Such a sexy tight little shitter she's got. Don't worry, Xena.... We'll be sure to stretch this ass out nice and loose..." He said before sticking his tongue into her anus, probing her bowels before alternating to his fingers and pumping in and out of her ass. As she grunted and growled in protest on of the men cupped and squeezed her cheeks harshly shutting her whore mouth up before forcing her mouth open to give her a long, sensual open mouthed French kiss; violating her mouth. "Yesssss, Just a pretty little face you have. I bet it would look good covered in sperm." He mocked her before spitting in her eye. And just look at her large, flabby, lewd tits! You know we could get a lot of good use out of these slutty funbags!" One of them said as he would ***fully flog her bouncing bosom, before giving her now erect nipple a vicious squeeze and twist. They would lick, rub, bite and smack her tits, ass, belly, legs, face and sex holes violently before finally setting her where up they could jizz all over her bare body. Once satisfied for the time being, one of them would deliver a nasty punch to her solar plexus before another would viciously club her in the back of the head knocking her out cold; before they would leave the desecrated warrior woman on the floor to ponder her fate whilst they went off to retrieve other implements of ***...


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