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For my Cumslut Princess


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You're already in bed when I get home from work, curled up on your side under the blanket wearing nothing but your collar, because you know that's how Daddy wants you. I rinse in the shower and dry quickly, not bothering with clothes as I step into our room, quietly closing the door behind me. You shift in your sleep as the bed moves under my weight, then I slide up behind you and throw my leg over yours, my hand closing around your neck over the collar, squeezing with my clear intent to claim you tonight.

You wake with my weight pinning you, my hand just tight enough to make you breathe faster to match your suddenly pounding heartbeat.

"I'm going to take you now," I growl into your ear, "so you better be wet and ready for Daddy's big cock, little Cumslut Princess."

You shiver as my strong hand slides down your body, pausing to gently cup your breast, then twist your nipple before I skim down to twine my fingers through your little bush and gently tug on it. You fight the moan but your legs spread without thought as I let go and spank your little pussy, and already we can hear the wetness in that smack, that perfect little pussy flowing after just seconds under my spell. As my left hand wraps around your neck, my right slides down and grabs behind your knee, opening you wide as my throbbing head slaps against your wet clit. You jump at the touch, then twist your hips to try to catch that head between your lips and claim your cock.

"Uh-uh naughty girl, you're my plaything, and I'm going to take you on my terms, hard and deep and sudden, opening you like a virgin for this thick cock again." I pin your hip and hold you still, then roughly grab a handful of your ass and pull it open, and you tense as you feel my steel rod rubbing against your asshole. You feel my laugh against your back as I catch your reaction.

"Mine, Princess. Every inch of you, every hole, every bit of *** and pleasure... But you're not ready for me yet." You relax as I nibble on your neck, surrendering to my slow explorations, then scream as your pussy explodes with sensation, my girth stretching you deep as I fill you with one sharp thrust. I roll on top of you, fingers wrapped in your hair, lifting your hips to get your knees under you, and as you look back at me you see the fire in my eyes.

My need for you takes over, and I instantly start pounding you fast and deep, my hips smacking your ass and my heavy balls slapping against your pussy as I bottom out with each stroke. Your body shakes as you ride a steady wave of orgasm, no chance to come down before the next fierce thrust takes you higher again. You see me plant a foot next to your flopping arm as I put more weight on the hand wrapped in your hair, then do the unthinkable and fuck you deeper, driving down to bump your cervix with every thrust. Within minutes, the pleasure and *** start to overwhelm you, and you're out of breath from screaming into the mattress.

Then you feel something smooth and firm press against your swollen clit. Without warning I turn the vibrator on high, and you moan aloud as you squirt around my pulsing cock, clenching and milking me deep inside you as I let go and fill you with my cum, spurt after spurt spraying into your stuffed pussy.

You slide forward to collapse face-down on the bed, and my body follows you, still cumming, and you twitch as I hit a new angle and growl in your ear, "Goooood fucking girl... All mine!"

I wrap you in my arms and roll us to our sides, still buried inside you, and stir my load around as I grind into you and press every inch of our bare skin together.

"Sleep while you can, Princess. You'll be waking up to this again soon, and before the morning I'm going to claim your mouth and ass too."
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Damn that was hot! I’d love to be your Cumslut Princess, if I didn’t live over 1,000 miles away!
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